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Michael Johnson,, OD


Full name: Michael Wayne Johnson

Hometown: Auburn CA

Degree: BS, OD

Earned from (school):  UC Berkeley


Undergrad education: Sacramento State and UC Berkeley

Personal hobbies: Golf, Mountain Biking and Windsurfing

Family/children: Oliver.  Age 13.  Travel Ball Baseball

Where did your interest in optometry come from? I was introduced to the field by a career counselor. He arranged for me to meet with a local optometrist friend of his. I shadowed the doctor for a day and was offered a job in his office. After working in his office and learning all aspects of the profession, I decided it was something I had a passion for and change my focus to complete all the prerequisites required to enter optometry school.

Do you have any personal stories relating to your interest in optometry?  Early in my career, I received a call from a nurse that was a new patient complaining of headaches and blurred vision. I was working in Lodi at the time.  I was able to get her in same day. By the time I saw her she was slightly demented and was having trouble speaking. She ended up having a large tumor that required emergency surgery that day. I was told by the surgeon that had we not seen her that day, she probably would not have lived. Working in Sacramento some 25 years later a patient was telling me a story about her daughter, who was a nurse in Lodi, that was saved by an optometrist. It happened to be the same patient.

Are there any industry specialties you have interest in focusing on down the road? I’m always interested in new technology. I’ve always had a very progressive practice in providing the best technology to my patients.

What does being part of Eagle Vision Eye Care mean to you?  Eagle Vision was built from the ground up.  I opened cold in 2001 in a tiny little office in Carmichael.  It has been a labor of love to go from seeing 2 to 3 patients a day to opening a center with the ability to see 60 and purchase a second location.